UPCYCLED | Christmas Cards

Making cards and little decorations is one of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit I find, well apart from hitting one of Berlin's many gorgeous Xmas markets... (The vegan market on Sophienstra├če, in Mitte is next on my list ;)

To help you get in a festive mood this weekend I've prepared a little upcycling tutorial for Christmas cards using furnishing catalogues. Since I'm totally addicted to modern furniture I always collect a few catalogues throughout the year.  Most of them include beautiful imagery and are way too cool to throw in the recycling.


So skim your paper bin or mag basket and get slicing.  Any close up photographs, or funny slogans that you can somehow add the word Christmas to are suitable.
I've had a little play with some different fonts before I printed my captions on the back side of used printer paper.  For a base you want a nice sturdy plain carton or thin cardboard.  I had a catalogue and a few old calendars with plain white backs and covers which are perfect card backing material!  All that's left then is to stick your cut out captions to your images and finally to your base.

Handmade Christmas cards always add a very personal touch and by upcycling pre-used paper and carton you can experiment with great images by collaging them or working on top of them.  Either way it can be an exciting and new Christmas tradition that will also leave you with a clean green conscience 

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