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When it gets to the time of the year that I want to hibernate because of chillier and chillier temperatures outside I start wanting to re-decorate our flat. I absolutely love our flat as it is big and very light even in Winter but big walls can look quite bare & dull even on sunny days.  So to cheer up my surroundings I started by browsing through old favourite fashion mags - always a reliable source of inspiration whatever the reason (and season).

Since I'm a huge fan of slogan prints I was very excited when I came across these i-D magazine pages.  Using a scalpel blade I cut them out very neatly and framed them with re-painted second hand frames.  To give the prints another angle and to emphasise their message you can even back them with monochrome patterns from magazines or gift wrap! It's definitely a cheap and cheerful way to re-fresh your walls - and very satisfying knowing you made it yourself.  I feel very pleased with myself now when I walk around the flat ;)

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