is one of my summer make up essentials for a 100% fresh look with a sheer & natural finish.  I've been using UNE for a while now and love the light and matt texture of their foundation and eye shadows as well as their aim for organic and natural ingredients.
B02 blusher has been my favourite so far - with its cream-to-powder texture it's easy to apply with your finger and a quick fix if you're just popping out or going to the beach.  The not too pinky, soft rose shade is perfect for my paler skin tone & I use it to apply contour just under my cheekbones, on top of my sunscreen or daily moisturiser.  To round off the look I add a few dashes of Lavera's soft glowing highlighter for bright cheek bones and inside corners of my eyes.

Like with my wardrobe I prefer a limited selection of beauty products that do several jobs in one. Blushers are also a great way to spice up your going out make up.  In combination with a light foundation and a natural lip care / gloss you can add a hint of colour to both lips and cheeks. Done!

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