- zen tea pot & silk sipping cup, P&T

As you might have noticed I am a few days late with my new year's post but since my focus lies on s-l-o-w I've decided, first week of the new year is still fine.  So I am sitting, completely un-rushed in my cosy new flat, sipping a very indulgent cup of deep asana and pondering about the irresistible hope we put into a new year. We look back on our accomplishments and mistakes we made and plan what to do differently. But really it's these little slips and imperfections that make us who we are -- like the cracks that appear inside my tea cup after each pour and that lend it its distinct beauty.  Not every crack needs fixing and not every plan will work out...  Strangely, I get a definite feeling of contentment coming from that thought.  Because sometimes it's nice to just be and concentrate on the present.  So here is to all of you: Happy new NOW!

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