It's time to slow doooown, so this post is out of my new office for the day - our bed. Since moving flats, preparing our new collection and rushing the little men to school and back our lives have adopted a spiralling pace.  After a month of running on adrenaline and coffee I felt the craving to experience the suspension of time and decided to take a step back to the middle.

It is easy to enjoy precious moments once you consciously allow time for them - like catching the first light of the autumn sun on a morning run in the park or watching my little (nine year old!) man helping me prepare dinner, eagerly picking up all the steps and then stirring away with a smile on his face. These are the moments when life reveals a little of its secrets... 

Feeling content by enjoying simple things is something my grandma was an expert in. Thank God she was here long enough to pass on some of her wisdom and skill to me! Fixing things was the thing back in her time and since I can never bring myself to toss precious things I've decided to follow her example by repairing some of my favourite cushions. 

Their covers started to wear thin from washing and loads of little holes and frays appeared which I really liked the look of. To make a feature out of them I lined the area with an old white tea towel from underneath (with sewing machine) and sandwiched a matt gold all over sequin patch in between the cover and the lining.  I used a simple running stitch to apply other left over fabric swatches I had, to cover some of the holes from the top. Finally I framed them by using the same embroidery technique which is very similar to the Japanese art of Sashiko stitching. 

Making these covers took some time but I so enjoyed doing the embroidery, letting go of my routine and worries to soothe my busy mind and regain a sense of sanity among my daily chaos as well as some beautiful new pieces to decorate our bed with - once I'm out :))

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