Thinking my room sharing days were truly over I found myself on the way to Lisbon with some friends who convinced me that staying at a hostel would be the best solution all things considered.
Secretly I was thinking I'm happy to pay a little extra for a clean shower and my own room but didn't want to spoil their enthusiasm.  So I went along.  I never stayed in a hostel before and imagined a large room full of smelly backpackers (lol ;)  Any doubts disappeared as soon as we arrived at number 41 Rua Sao Nicalau in front of a gorgeous antique facade in the heart of Lisbon's historical downtown district Baixa! After climbing up the stairs to reception we were greeted by the very friendly staff and shown around the hostel.  There were various floors each with a communal living area & shower as well as different sized bedrooms ranging from 4, 6 and 8-bed mixed dormitories and also twin bedrooms which were naturally a little more pricey.  On the ground floor you even had a bath tub - all facilities were very modern and clean.  My favourite were the wooden floored lounge rooms with an eclectic mix of 50's vintage, modern and upcycled furniture arranged with great taste and imagination. Using DIY the Portuguese owners created cool lamp shades from card board rolls & plastic yoghurt drink bottles as well as wooden desks incorporating plastic crates as shelves for an urban modern vibe.  It's great to see such a strong sense of style combined with a sustainable approach sure to inspire some of the travelling crowd! Other treats included a free breakfast (pancakes...hmm) as well as free WiFi & internet use.  
I'd say the Lisbon Lounge Hotel is the perfect place to give you a first class experience of the beautiful city that is Lisbon at a very reasonable price 

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