Since downsizing my wardrobe I find that whatever the occasion I can put together an outfit in under 15 minutes and without being totally distraught after not being able to decide what to wear.  For last night's New Year's Eve celebration I flicked through my rail to re-discover this gorgeous Armani all-sequins split pencil which I bought in a small second hand boutique in the back streets of Covent Garden way back when still living in London. 
I love a bit of sparkle especially at this dreary time of year - the granddad cardigan takes off the OTT edge and paired with the chunky ankle boots I felt comfortable and chic, ready to welcoming the new year with a smile.

And as the first day of the new year gently draws to its end I've decided to plan for less, minimize my stuff and remember that whatever happens, whether I feel love, frustration or excitement...longing or sadness, whatever I'll do or wont do...for better or worse, the curtains will come up on a fabulous new show tomorrow - may the good times continue in 2014 

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