It's not that often I buy new clothes. I tend to wear them to death...literally!
Even when they break I try to fix / upcycle them as every piece that made it in into my wardrobe has been given a considerable amount of thought upon purchase...
Please don't get me wrong - I am no saint & compulsive shopping is my second nature.  It took a lot of refunds, returns & ebay sells to sort through my closet.
One of my greatest pleasures is to combine the small collection that I have in new ways! 
When I saw this beauty at the Acne Archive store on my recent trip to Copenhagen I knew it would complete a lot of my outfits ;)
The store's superfriendly sales advisor Cecilie dug out this amazing pair of super soft denims which fit like a glove.
The best thing about them tho is that they have a fault in the material.
As an upcyclist I embrace the beauty in what's natural, flaws and all.  These jeans are desirable because of (not in spite of) their imperfection plus they’re half the price – bonus! 

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