Zealous to spread the 'ROHstoff' message I ran the first UPCYCLE workshop this Thursday at Naehinstitut Moritzplatz in the heart of the capital's most diverse & style exuberant district X-berg.
On my agenda was to illustrate how easy it is to find inspiration for 'new' clothes just by searching your wardrobe for things you no longer wear and transforming them into cool custom-made designs.
Everyone brought some preloved things they wanted to 'refresh' so I demonstrated a brief introduction to sewing techniques & gave individual design suggestions to kick-start the ROHstoff process.
Then the girls set about constructing their own wearable creations with a passion & energy that left the air crackle.
We had an absolute blast when everyone realised how easy it is even if you've never used a sewing machine before and after only minutes they were cutting, slicing, tucking & darting.  Here are a few snaps of the gorgeous designs and slogan Tshirts the girls came up with and from the fun of the 'ROHstoff' process ❤.....

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