© Tassie Rowbotham

© Tassie Rowbotham

© Tassie Rowbotham
Here it comes - the collar necklace!  One of my all time fav accessories to lift any outfit.  Not that we haven't seen one before but now you can make your own!
All you need are some old fabric scraps from your textile recycling box and a nice fastening.
Love it - make it - wear it!

I was wearing mine at the premiere screening of post human wardrobe's fashion short film they've produced in collaboration with David Skynner .  The label is one to watch and created by the extremely talented Nim Gadhia.


The material I chose is a piece of my beloved nan's duvet covers,
dig through your no longer used textiles and I'm sure you'll find something very special you can use!


To design your own custom made shirt collar pattern including collar stand follow the instructions of the amazing Emily Tao.

Check here for the step by step tutorial.

Et voila!  For my creation I sewed two vertical buttonholes in equal distance from collar stand edge and used one of my husbands bobbely cuff links as a fastening (he doesn't know yet!) I threaded a vintage chain necklace through the top of the cuff link to make for a great accessory - yeyh!

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