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ROHstoff reflects the demand of the resourceful individual to question the wasteful ways of modern living.  It sets itself apart from the fast fashion clones with the original re-use of preluvd clothes & materials and invites you to be part of something extraordinary not just by the choice of your wardrobe but all the things that you surround yourself with

Mahatma Gandhi: 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.'


Thinking back to my childhood roots brings a feeling of nostalgia. Going to collect old paper & milk bottles with my friends after school was a popular past time.  This image in my head is of cute little girls with a rather rusty trolley twice their size.
I do have fond memories of growing up in East Germany although some may think it bleak but as children we never noticed.   At the time values like charity and caring for your environment were taken seriously and from a very early age we were introduced to them.  In school we were asked to bring in old toys and clothes that got sent to children in need. I was raised to always remember there are people out there much less fortunate than me.

Once the borders opened like most of my generation I was blown away by the glitzy consumer world of ‘the West’ which was now within reach.  The newly found notion of fashion & the way it was presented made a deep and lasting impression on the young teenage girl I was back then.
Glossy magazines soon became the manuals for my new life.  With a head full of fuzzy ideals designing and clothes were pretty much all that mattered.
Over the next 10 years I’ve found myself working for the fashion industry in London and I realised that it isn’t all glamorous and beautiful as it appears.
The ugly truth of fashion is - it creates a huge amount of waste!

The combination of our throw-away-society & fast fashion consumer habits is resulting in many of our un-wanted textiles to pile up in landfills and choke our environment. 
Admittedly my interest in ethical fashion has been a slow one.  The turning point for me came when I became a mother of two wonderful boys.   As my children grow I’m deeply concerned about the wasteful ways that Western society is blind to.

The good news is we can put a stop to it, especially when it comes to textiles as they are one of the most re-usable items of our waste.
When looking at no longer needed textiles don’t think of it as waste but imagine it as an un-used resource – ROHstoff!

Particularly with kids clothes I realised how quickly they were outgrown.  I started to applique preloved baby grows as gifts for my ‘new baby’ friends – remembering the advice of my German midwife to use pre-worn baby clothes because traces of chemical residues from dyes and other harmful substances for your baby have cleared .  Then I started to ‘refresh’ my own wardrobe as well as my buying habits.  I realised I wasn’t wearing half of it out of various reasons - bargain buys, mispurchases or simply change of taste.  

On my blog I am showing you different ideas of how you can transform and inject new life into your existing wardrobe. You can also participate in an UPCYCLE! workshop & share the great experience of the ROHstoff - process.

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